Remote performance monitoring & preventive maintenance

Sorting partner

Effectively sort pallets, while enabling additional revenue through becoming a sorting partner and depot for pallet pools.

Risk reduction

Reduce risk of chargebacks and claims from receivers of open pool pallets.

Internal operations

Grade pallets to suit internal operations – pallets that are non-exchangeable.

Cost reduction

Significantly reduce costs compared to outsourcing pallet sortation.

Increased quality

Significantly improve quality and capacity as well as cost reduction compared to manual sorting.

“No other automated system offers an end-to-end solution in pallet sorting of different pallet types and sizes”

Get up and stay up

We offer remote performance monitoring and preventive maintenance in case of early warnings, ensuring that your operation runs properly.

Also, an annual maintenance contract provides peace of mind as it secures that any wearables, regardless of inspection system or conveyor/material handling equipment, are replaced and that camera equipment is calibrated, and firmware updated.

Real sustainability is a matter of good business.

Many retailers have large amounts of pallets reach their facilities.

Many retailers have a large amount of pallets reach their facilities. With sortation being a necessary step some choose to employ an external partner for this task. This leads to back and forth movements of pallets between facilities and thus an increase on a company’s CO2 footprint.

Becoming a sorting facility and depot for a pallet pool can help reduce emissions as well, as pallets can be shipped directly to the next user without having to go through the pallet pool’s sorting facility. This reduces emissions and nets you an income from the sorting activity.

Make money and save money.

With retailers having large flows of differing types of pallets, sorting pooled pallets can generate earning potential without adding more work other than a forklift operator running the pallet stacks.

Increase the number of pallets as well as the quality and efficiency, by running more pallets in a fraction of the time originally needed.

Ensure that open pool pallets are approved according to exchange rules, removing complaints and claims from pallet receivers.