Automation and efficiency

Secure your uptime

Secure automated storage and retrieval system uptime by eliminating poor quality pallets before they enter the system.

Data on suppliers

Drive pallet quality throughout your supply chain by having data on what suppliers are not delivering good quality pallets.

Smart solution

Our system is both cost effective and scalable. It handles multiple induction points and accepts more pallet types added over time, meeting changing demands.

Making it easier to keep your promises

With inbound pallet quality being a significant concern to many warehouse operators, inbound control of pallets reduces the risk of pallets getting stuck in conveyance systems. This helps ensure that stowaway and retrieval commitments are met, and even shortened.

and keep your employees safe.

Pallets stored in high bay warehouses are potentially dangerous for staff. If the fully loaded pallets fall from high heights, employees can get seriously injured and goods or the warehouse location can be severely damaged.

Making money, made safe.

In the end, it’s just good business.

– Remove the risk of staff getting injured when clambering up to dislodge jammed pallets in high bay warehouses.

– Remove the risk of staff injuring themselves on pallets with protruding nails.

– Make sure you’re only paying rental fees for pooled pallets that actually enter your facility.

– Reduce the need of using slave boards in your automated or retrieval systems, resulting in reduced cycle times, improving racking space utilization.

“Drives quality and sustainability in the supply chain by handling multiple pallet types, regardless of design”

Get up and stay up.

Regardless of design (perimeter/tunnel), our system secures the quality of your pallets while driving pallet quality in the supply chain.

Our PALLETAI® offers a way of eliminating poor quality pallets ever entering your automated material flows, making lost productivity due to poor pallets a thing of the past.

We offer remote performance monitoring and preventive maintenance in case of early warnings, ensuring that your operation runs properly.

Also, an annual maintenance contract provides peace of mind as it secures that any wearables, regardless of inspection system or conveyor/material handling equipment, are replaces and that camera equipment is calibrated, and firmware updated.