Robots that adapt to your needs.

IVISYS robot solutions are developed to increase productivity, secure accessibility, and quality assurance at the highest level in production and logistics flows, as well as enabling flexibility and scalability. They can be applied to most Industries, such as Food & Beverage, Retail, Warehouse Automation, Pallet Business and MedTech.

About IVISYS robot solutions.

IVIYS robot solutions allow you to design your own production and logistics flow and are easily adaptable to your existing logistics chain. They are modular and can handle loading, unloading, transportation, vision inspection and sorting. We deliver a complete turnkey solution; from unsorted to fully sorted and quality assured products.

A major part of our robot tools is based on vacuum technology with or without mechanical locking. This enables high flexibility and ensures that many different product dimensions can be handled with the same tools and decreases the need for special designed mechanical devices. IVISYS solutions are delivered with integrated vision systems and other technologies including optical measurement to increase speed in assuring the products position and detects defects and variations with accuracy.

Hard to say, easy to apply.

IVISYS Robotic Pallet handling Systems. 
It’s as cool as it sounds.

IVISYS pallet handling solutions are based on robots that enable more flexibility in the handling of different pallet dimensions and qualities, faster cycle times and are easily scalable according to production needs. This is of high value for all logistic chains that handle pallets.

IVISYS robots in the pallet inspection solution provides efficient space management, increased uptime, accurate quality assurance applicable for loading/unloading directly on the floor or onto conveyors and it can easily be applied for new sorts of pallets.