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Machine vision systems made flexible

IVISIS has reinvented machine vision systems
Conventional machine vision systems require stable object presentation in order to work reliably. They demand controlled, rigid light conditions and limited object rotation or displacement. This has made conventional machine vision systems costly to establish and inflexible regarding changes in the production environment.

IVISYS has reinvented the whole idea of how a machine vision system works.

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Achieve LEAN production

The concept of LEAN production contains multiple areas of focus. IVISYS’ solutions help manufacturers address some of these, such as: reducing overproduction, increasing production speed and minimizing defects.

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Reduce cost

y using an IVISYS Pro vision system manufacturers achieve a significant and permanent cost reduction in any production setup. By integrating our solutions, manfacturers benefit from at least three sources of cost reduction: reduced labor cost, avoiding corrective action cost as well as avoding cost related to loss of goodwill.

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Fully automated quality control

IVISYS Pro vision systems offer manufacturers a fully automated quality control solution.

Many manufacturers are still not using automated quality control. Historically, this is because the human eye has been superior to vision systems, when it comes to assessing if a particular visual feature on an item is a flaw or not.


For short-series production

Most existing vision systems are not suitable for short-series production. There are several reasons for this, such as inflexibility, they require a high degree of expertise to deploy and are costly to acquire.

IVISYS has eliminated these barriers making IVISYS Pro F, IVISYS Pro V and IVISYS Pro M ideal for short-series manufactures, who can leverage the benefits of machine vision, previously only feasible for manufacturers engaged in mass production.

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No special vision expertise needed for manufacturers

When you introduce an IVISYS Pro solution to your production environment it is done without the need of external or in-house vision engineer consultants.

IVISYS makes vision engineers unnecessary

After setting up an IVISYS Pro solution, all ongoing adjustments are conducted using the IVISYS Pro User Interface.

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