Welcome to IVISYS

The future of inspection is here.
IVISYS’s logistic machine vision solution, gives you increased ROI, improved uptime, yield, productivity, efficiency, and last but not least peace of mind productivity.

Welcome to a state-of-the art solution for logistics automation.

The short version in one sentence? We’re a smart hack for logistics success.

The long version in one sentence? We’re a total solutions provider that develops innovative logistic machine vision solutions that increases productivity, efficiency, and ROI for the logistics chain, retail, and warehouse.

The Spirit of Innovation and staying ahead of the game is our mantra and we strive to stretch the limits by developing solutions based on customer needs with the latest AI technology. Yes, it’s a poorly phrased sentence but the content is rather inspiring, isn’t it?

Your way or the highway.

We won’t claim to solve every problem for every industry, but we can promise to try.

That said, our high-end logistic machine vision solution probably already fits your industry. Take the first step towards finding out how we can be of benefit to your business, choose the industry that best describes yours:

A true tech love story.

Improved uptime, yield, maintenance, productivity, and efficiency. Neat stuff, right?

We pour all our 20 years of in-depth know-how and smart AI-solutions into a machine vision technology that supports the whole inspection chain. We apply all our tech passion into increasing revenue at the same time we contribute to a safer work environment and a more sustainable logistics and production process.

Here is some stuff we’re inspired by:

AI / Machine Vision incl. Cameras / Illumination / Optics / Software / Robot

If it isn’t sustainable, it isn’t IVISYS.

The guiding principle is that IVISYS should contribute to a sustainable world in everything we do.

This principle is deeply rooted in our values and culture. It applies to how we treat our employees, to product development and to establishing policies to prevent corruption. Our principle applies to how we support our customers by ensuring goods are loaded on safer pallets which reduces workplace accidents and injuries.

A huge number of pallets are transported on both roads and the ocean. By raising pallet quality we contributes that our customers lowers their CO2 footprint.