Increase quality and traceability

Increase capacity

Increase the capacity, throughput, and flexibility of a manual production line.

Batch management

It’s adaptable to different batch management needs in the production line.

Ten reasons why

In the constant quest for efficient and time-saving qualitative solutions, our system increase capacity, throughput, and flexibility in a manual production line.

1. Surface efficient.

2. Easy to switch between products.

3. High quality inspection.

4. Timesaving.

5. Easy to manage.

6. Real time monitoring and controlling.

7. Quality reports, data, and analysis.

8. Solutions that don’t require changes over time between different product types and recipes.

9. A minimum of daily maintenance requirements so that more time can be invested into focusing on added value activities.

10. In accordance with Annex II 2 A of the EC/EU Declaration of Conformity as well as UL.

“The only system on market that deliver this level of measurement precision, speed and functionality”