CHEP Pallet

CHEP’s business model is based on the concept of “Share and Reuse”, also called pallet pooling. With the CHEP Pooling System you get the pallets you need on a rental basis. Sharing and reusing pallets makes them more sustainable; that’s why you can’t buy the pallets. Under this principle it doesn’t matter whether you are a small local start-up or a company supplying the whole of Europe with your products.

Closed-loop system

CHEP controls the entire administrative procedure, retrieval and quality assurance of the pallets in a closed-loop system.

Use PalletInspector for automated quality assurance

Reusable pallets like CHEP, EPAL, IPP & LPR are all valuable assets needing to be quality assured after every use. With the help of PalletInspector from IVISYS , inspection and detection of defects is done automatically, effectively and quickly, ensuring that pallets needing repair are identified.

Chep Pallet Pooling

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