Coating Check

Coating Check

Surface inspection of finished, flat surfaces


  • High resolution cameras and high power light
  • Inline inspection of painted coils or surfaces
  • Optional in-line marking of errorsCoating Check applied for surface inspection at coil coating factory.


  • Automatic vision inspection is the only reliable inspection
  • Can inspect sheet as well as coil material
  • Collects real-time inspection data to document and improve production

The IVISYS inspection system for coated surfaces facilitates both sheet and coil material. Using a high-resolution camera, the system inspects the surface for discoloration or breaks  found in the applied coating.

The result of the inspection can be an alarm that can draw the attention to the finishing station, or a signal to mark the coil at defect position.

The system is easily applied to coils longer than 2000 meters and it inspects both the upper and lower side of the coil. The in-line inspection monitors the coating process in terms of surface coverage (holidays or larger pinholes) at speeds of 45m/min. Making sure the surface is coated correctly has a significant value as the product continues along the value chain. The system is perfect for any inspection of a flat product where
surface quality is determined by the shade of a color. Higher processing speeds are possible.