IVISYS partners with Alliance Automation

IVISYS partners with Alliance Automation

We are happy to announce that IVISYS partners with Alliance Automation, LLC. Alliance Automation, LLC is an Ohio based system integrator that design and develop turnkey solutions that enable customers to build their products. 

The same scanning and inspection system that has made it easier to manage pallet quality for European retail pools is coming to North America. IVISYS has entered an exclusive partnership with Alliance Automation to commercialize its 2-D pallet inspection machine and AI-assisted analysis software. Although Alliance Automation had developed its own pallet inspection machine, the iPallet, the company was blown away by the capabilities of IVISYS pallet inspection solution the PALLETAI, and its unique software.

IVISYS is here to change the game
“At IVISYS, we have embarked on a journey to become number one in machine vision solutions using the latest AI technology, says Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS. IVISYS PALLETAI is a state-of-the art pallet inspection solution that inspects pallets to secure quality, uptime, productivity, and increased ROI. 

Logistics made easy with the latest AI technology

Doug Wenninger, president of Alliance Automation, explained, “Their inspection process and their software capabilities were phenomenal. It was the best that I have seen. They were way further advanced than our iPallet system.” He added, “IVISYS didn’t set out to design a machine for the pallet industry; they set out to design a machine for the warehouse/ distribution center sector.” The IVISYS system has been extensively used in Europe to manage a variety of pallet pools to monitor quality, grade pallets and manage control standards.

Cue IVISYS, cue the future of pallet inspection with AI-assisted software

PALLETAI can identify pallet size, color, condition, specific damage to individual components, compliance with established standards, etc. Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS stated, “Since the sixteen cameras combined generate almost 200 images per pallet, no area is left unseen, and the best resolution is measured in sub millimetres.

Doug Wenninger, president of Alliance Automation says “I was amazed at the speed of analysis done by the IVISYS software. I was impressed by the combination of the camera, scanning methods and software.” A key to the IVISYS approach is the artificial intelligence (AI) software behind the analysis.

High tech with high impact

IVISYS plays an important role in modern production and automation. IVISYS are on an exciting journey and together with Alliance Automation we will provide customers with a modern automated vision solution that enables to increase business opportunities even more going forward. ‘IVISYS is a company with high-end technological expertise’, says Doug Wenninger, president at Alliance Automaton. Together, IVISYS and Alliance Automation now can provide high-tech turnkey solutions that are frontend with high innovative brilliance.

Athanase Innovation investing in AI technology
IVISYS is owned by Athanase Innovation, which is an alternative investment firm investing in technology related private and public assets. Athanase Innovation AB is a public company listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more.

The IVISYS lowdown

  • 40 employees.
  • HQ Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Chicago, US.
  • Customers in 10 countries.
  • Working with some of the most premium brands in the world.
  • Customer requests from all over the world
  • Presence in several industries such as Logistics, Food & Beverage, Retail and Warehouse Automation.
  • More than 20 Years of experience in Machine Vision.

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Bohman, CEO, IVISYS Sweden AB
Phone +46 (0)70 983 90 10
E-mail: stefan.bohman@ivisys.com
Website: https://ivisys.com

Doug Wenninger, president at Alliance Automation
Phone (419) 238-2520
E-mail: dwenninger@allianceautomation.com
Website: https://allianceautomation.com/