IVISYS Pro V: verification software

IVISYS Pro V helps manufacturers conduct automated verifications of any item. Any kind of missing feature or object on the examined item can be identified in-line at high speed. IVISYS Pro V performs multiple verification jobs in parallel. IVISYS Pro V is typically provided along with one of IVISYS standard products.

Typical applications of IVISYS Pro V

  • Verifying that assembled products are complete
  • Verifying that a set of items are present (even when partly hidden)
  • Verifying that assembled parts are correctly placed and oriented

Easy-to-use graphical user interface

IVISYS Pro V is normally operated by a unified easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface. The interface does not require any level of formal education to operate. Introducing a new object inspection task is commonly done within one hour. Afterwards, switching between such predefined projects is done within minutes.

Illustration of applications of IVISYS Pro V

Features and specifications of IVISYS Pro V

  • Handles product verifications on images invariant to rotation and displacement
  • Performs in normal office light conditions (robust to illumination changes)
  • Processes up to 50 objects per second
  • Usable with both area scan and line scan cameras
  • Allows you to run short series and setup new products in less than 1 hour

Applications of IVISYS Pro V

Below you will find three examples of how IVISYS’ software can be applied for product verification. These are only a few examples of the range of possibilities that IVISYS offers.

Example 1: Verification of drilled holes

Metal parts for the automobile industry often include drilled holes. Our software can power systems, which can verify the presence of the required holes and, in addition, verify if the drilled hole is ‘clean’; that is if the hole is free from burrs or other debris that might remain in the hole after it has been punched or drilled. Holes in engine parts must be ‘clean’ and IVISYS can inspect the condition of holes after threading has been completed.

Example 2: Verification of bolts and nuts

Sometimes weld nuts are missing, turned upside down or tipped to one side. IVISYS’ software can power systems, which can verify that weld nuts are present and correctly seated. The same system can also be used with other bolts and fasteners. IVISYS’ solutions check if weld nuts are seated correctly, for example on a bracket, as displayed here.

Example 3: Verification of presence of high volume items

In a packaging process, it is important that the correct number of items are present in every box. IVISYS’ software can power systems, which inspect if a specific set of items are present in a box (even if they are not identical), and will do so even if some of the items are partly hidden.