In your manufacturing unit, who is responsible for Quality Control Inspection? If it’s handled by a technician, we recommend switching to automated quality inspection. In industries, the quality control process ensures that a certain level of quality will be maintained throughout the production; if everything goes automated, producers can improve productivity and ensure business success. It’s no surprise that automation technology has significantly transformed the way industries are operating. We at IVISYS, offer standardised inspection modules for all kinds of visual inspection. Let’s have a glance at some reasons to integrate an automated quality control system in your production process.


  • It helps in improving product quality

Undeniably, manual inspection is labor-intensive and is prone to human errors. When you incorporate an automated Product Quality Control System, it performs inspection related tasks with incredible accuracy and helps you improve your product quality. Such systems allow users to set quality standards and machine vision cameras allow you to inspect the products on a real time basis, so that you can take actions immediately and save cost on re-checking. With automation, the quality control process gets completed quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.


  • It reduces the cost of manufacturing

IVISYS pro vision system allows manufacturers to reduce the cost of production. Installing an automated system is a one-time investment, which helps you minimize the labor cost, avoid corrective action cost, and save costs associated with the loss of goodwill. Our high-grade system can work 24/7 without the need for a human to monitor the process and handles more than 30 inspection tasks, simultaneously.


  • It ensures your business growth

Installing an automated inspection system eliminates all sorts of human error. Even, manufacturers can let their human resources focus on the other areas of the business, making the entire production process more efficient. Our system lets you increase your production speed.


With our pro vision system, manufacturers can get detailed data and statistics on the number of defects, which helps them to make correct error forecasting. So consider investing in this advanced system to set your business apart from the competitors.

IVISYS systems are successfully running in the manufacturing organizations with almost zero maintenance and downtime; you can incorporate it in your existing production line or install it in the new process line. We are a Machine Vision Company, having a proven track record of providing reliable, fast, and flexible inspection solutions to clients looking to automate their visual inspection. Our engineers work closely with you to understand your production process and the level of automation you need, and deliver a solution that will amaze you! Trust us, we provide professional after-sales support and assistance.

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