Pallet Checker

Prevent the usage of defective pallets with the help of IVISYS Pallet Inspector, a pallet checker system.

Benefits with PalletInspector

The PalletInspector has a lot of benefits, compared to many other pallet checker systems.

Pallet Quality Control made easy

The PalletInspector offers superior quality control compared to both mechanical and manual checking/control and sorting.

Components are thoroughly inspected

All components of the pallet are thoroughly inspected and the result can be tracked in reports to be sent to suppliers and customers.


The PalletInspector is flexible and accepts mixed stacks of pallet types, applying individual checking criteria to each pallet type.

Can inspect both empty and loaded pallets

The PalletInspector is able to inspect/control/check empty used pallets and is also able to check pallets with goods loaded, securing pallets for automated material handling and conveyor systems. It is also ideal to secure pallet for handling in automated storage and retrieval systems in automated warehouses.

Pallet Checker & Quality Control

List of benefits with PalletInspector

  • Automatically perform a quality inspection and classification after every use – 24/7 if you want it to.
  • Keep track on which suppliers are delivering goods on pallets with less than acceptable quality
  • Increase your sorting capacity up to fivefold compared to a human operator
  • Works with nearly all pallet configurations (Including EPAL, CHEP, LPR & IPP)
  • High speed inspection
  • Scalable performance
  • Accepts both wooden and plastic pallets
  • Rejection and sorting based on defect type
  • Adaptable to existing production lines
  • Service agreement offered (with remote support)
  • Real-time production statistics

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