Meet Kai Himanen – Image Acquisition Expert

Solving machine vision tasks to create magic

Kai works as an image acquisition expert at IVISYS which means he brings machine vision parts together in PALLETAI. His specialty is using what camera to be used and what lens can capture the pallet quality. Kai has been working with a vision for 17 years. He is an expert when it comes to bringing cameras and AI together.

What is the best thing about your job?

Trying to figure out how to solve specific machine vision-related ideas/tasks from the beginning of the design phase all the way to a final pallet inspector.

What is the most important when developing a new product/concept?

To get a birds-eye perspective on the tasks that need to be solved, and from there close into a more detailed solution. It is also very important to listen to others and discuss ideas from different perspectives that incorporate all parts of the machine.

What inspiring project are you working on right now?

An upcoming concept idea of a PALLETAI that “rules them all”!

Why is product design important for IVISYS?

Product designing is a path from idea/concept to a working solution with different stages of feedback, calculations, and tests where possible issues are solved while walking the path. This increases the positive outcome when the product is reaching its final stage.

How do you emphasize UX/UI?

Mandatory! UI is the first thing a user encounters, so it is important that it’s understandable which in turn leads to a better experience of the whole solution.

What is the most challenging when working with vision and AI?

To be able to pick out the data needed for analysis from a wide variety of target characteristics. This means being able to acquire images that feature needed data for the analysis without interfering with other components that build up the pallet inspector.

Where do you find your inspiration?

In nature, in history, in culture, in science!

How do you stay up to date?

Media of different types and discussing with colleagues and suppliers.

Any favorite getaways?

A countryside house with lots of nature around. This gives the mind some space to breathe between all the agile parts of mind crafting.

Favorite activity/hobby to do?

Taking care of the countryside house, playing historical instruments of different types learning about historical handcrafting methods.

How would you describe a good weekend?

Enjoying the calm at the countryside house with my family


Kai Himanen

Image Acquisition Expert

"The most rewarding aspect of my job is the constant pursuit of solving machine vision ideas. From beginning of the design phase all the way to a final pallet inspector."