Vision to Innovation

We are proud to announce that iGPS Logistics, the leader in plastic pallet pooling and provider of innovative supply chain solutions, has partnered with IVISYS and Alliance Automation, LLC, to implement a new automated pallet inspection system, PALLETAI.

The PALLETAI is an innovative solution that enables iGPS to enter in a new era of automation for pallet inspection. All parties are excited to continue the journey united in the innovation cycle — ensuring safety, sustainability, and pallet quality.

IVISYS & Alliance Automation, LLC is here to change the game
“At IVISYS, we have embarked on a journey to become number one in pallet inspection solutions using the latest AI technology,” says Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS. “The partnership with IVISYS and Alliance Automation, LLC is a game changer for the pallet industry, where new innovations enable a new direction in the industry. IVISYS and Alliance Automation, LLC are making brilliant things happen together and setting a new standard for the pallet industry.”

Innovative supply chain solutions with the latest AI technology
IVISYS PALLETAI is a state-of-the art pallet inspection solution that inspects pallets to ensure quality, uptime, and productivity. The PALLETAI is a flexible, scalable, and modular pallet inspection solution. The PALLETAI is a turnkey solution that is adaptable to your existing production line or can be assembled as a stand-alone sorting cell. The PALLETAI can identify pallet size, color, condition, specific damage to individual components, compliance with established standards, etc.

High tech with high impact
 “IVISYS is a company with high-end technological expertise,” says Jonathan Parks, SVP Supply Chain at iGPS. By forging this relationship, IVISYS and iGPS are partnering on a shared commitment to improve pallet quality, employee safety, consistency, and efficiency with pallet inspection,” says Jonathan Parks, SVP Supply Chain at iGPS. “Together, IVISYS, Alliance Automation LLC, and iGPS will work collaboratively to reimagine how top-quality pallets can improve supply chains — powered by a focus on sustainability, innovation, and safety.”

About iGPS Logistics, LLC
iGPS Logistics, LLC is North America’s largest pooler of 48” x 40” CBA-spec plastic shipping pallets. The lightweight and uniform structure of the plastic iGPS pallets generate measurable savings in transportation expenses, reduced product damage, and automation.  By using iGPS pallets, efficiency gains can be maximized from warehouse automation. This translates to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCOB) and a faster return on investment in your automation systems.

Athanase Innovation investing in AI technology
IVISYS is owned by Athanase Innovation, which is an alternative investment firm investing in technology related private and public assets. Athanase Innovation AB is a public company listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more.

The IVISYS lowdown

  • 40 employees.
  • HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Chicago, US.
  • Customers in 10 countries.
  • Working with some of the most premium brands in the world.
  • Customer requests from all over the world
  • Presence in several industries such as Logistics, Food & Beverage, Retail and Warehouse Automation.
  • More than 20 Years of experience in Machine Vision.

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Bohman, CEO, IVISYS Sweden AB
Phone +46 (0)70 983 90 10
E-mail: stefan.bohman@ivisys.com
Website: https://ivisys.com