Designed for precision.

Smile wide, dental implants just got a new level of quality assurance.

Our Implant AI is a thoroughly tested solution for every demanding dental implant quality inspection. It visually inspects the implants following a detailed specification, including measurement control, micron levels, and surface flaws, using a proprietary software designed uniquely for implant inspection.

Defects our Implant AI can detect.

– Dimensions
– Surface defects
– Height
– Diameters, angles
– Shape
– Roundness, flatness
– Cosmetic inspection
– Shape
– Scratches
– Color
– Chips
– Threads
– Foreign material
– Missing parts
– Missing material

Things our Implant AI can do.

– Measure with high precision
– Quality assurance/accuracy
– 2D and 3D inspection
– High resolution ±5µm
– Clean room adaptable
– Scalable performance
– Decreased returns due to increased quality assurance
– Real time monitoring & controlling
– Reports with data, statistics, and analysis

The way our Implant AI works.​

1. Pre-sorting

The implant AI loads or empties the product or palette manually or by an external robot. Damaged or failed products are then removed from the system and replaced with the next product to be inspected.

2. Inspection

The inspection product is based on air vacuum, creating a vacuum that ensures removal of all particles, like dust, from the inspection chamber. Its built-in light component measures from several angles using our AI vision – top, view, and beneath view. The inspection process is activated manually or by external communication. Implant Inspector moves the product into the system and runs the inspection sequence with optimized light and camera position.

3. Sorting

Sorting is set according to the selected product recipe for your specific and individual inspection.

4. Data

The Implant AI saves the inspection results in a cloud-based system, preparing it for analysis. Statistics are displayed graphically or in a table format. Also, it’s possible to connect the system to an external database system such as SCADA. The inspection results are presented on the screen and stored in the Implant Inspector’s internal database, as well as reported to external devices. Reports with data, statistics and analysis are designed according to your specific needs.

Let’s deep dive into our Implant AI.

Our Implant AI is one of our main products and some of our customers have more than 15 years of experience with having the Implant Inspection embedded into their production line. In short, let’s make a long story long because it’s worth it.

Our Implant AI solution delivers best in class precision measurements and highly sensitive flaw detection on even the most miniscule flaws. Customers that use our Implant AI solution can expect a strong portfolio of features, such as easy and reliable changeover between multiple different implants with different specifications as well as data collection for process improvement and traceability, fundamental features for the MedTech industry.

The inspection is made by vision entirely, and will rely on a robot gripper, allowing a free view of all surfaces inspected.

The operator interface is easy to use and improves efficiency and capacity along with quality and preciseness. Also, changeover between different types of products can be performed smoothly.

As calibration is essential to ensuring the right quality, our Implant AI uses physical reference points for calibration that ensure each measurement’s verification and repeatability. It also has a built-in light component and measurement tests that secures a maintained level of calibration at the same level as when validated.

The inspection results are saved in a cloud-based system for analysis and shown either graphically or in a table format. It’s also possible to connect the system to external database systems such as for example SCADA.

The installation includes on-site training and includes safety as well as daily system operations. The safety-manual is delivered in the local language. Furthermore, instruction manuals and safety documentation is supplied in accordance with requirements on the content of the documentation and pursuant to the EU and US directives.

Service, calibration, and maintenance are recommended to prolong the Implant AI’s lifetime and securing uptime.

Altimeter AI

Meet the Altimeter Inspector.
The Altimeter AI helps you ensure the quality of dental implants, find mix-ups and differences in dimensions while saving time by keeping uptime and production efficiency.
The Altimeter AI is a product that verifies and secures the height of a dental implant. It is equipped with a 3D sensor for laser-based triangulation, combined with a vision system with line projecting laser. The pallet tray of implants is placed and fixated on a mounted table.