Meet Carl Öster – Sales Executive at IVISYS

Every retail company I talk to has pallet-related issues.

Carl Öster works as a sales executive in Stockholm. He focuses on the retail industry where warehouse faces a lot of pallet-related issues. He wants his customer to have a smooth logistic flow with no stopped productions at the warehouse.

How long you have been working with IVISYS?

I have been with IVISYS since the beginning of this summer and I looking forward to a new year with a lot of exciting projects.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my role is that I get the opportunity to meet very interesting people and collaborate with the biggest companies in the retail industry. The highlights are always when IVISYS can give our customers an eye-opener with our unique solutions and give them a slightly easier life at work.

What did you learn by being present in the market where pallets are extensively used?

That almost every retail company I talk with has some sort of challenges relating to pallets. The problems are both in the warehouse where the pallets can cause jams and be a safety issue but also a problem in terms of productivity, and lack of warehouse efficiency; it consumes a lot of resources and energy. Therefore, I am convinced that IVISYS PALLETAI can be a positive shift towards warehouse automation and logistics flow.

How do you stay up to date?

The key for me is to have a good dialog with my colleagues and customers. The challenges in the market can vary and can be complicated to understand, so you need to be a good listener.

What gives you energy in daily life?

Since we are such a tight team, someone else’s success feels like my own, but personally, it is always fun when my customers understand the value of our solutions and we start an exciting new project together. This really motivates me!

How would you describe a good weekend?

I use the weekend to gather energy and I do that best together with my girlfriend, family, and friends. Preferably going to a restaurant and having something good on the plate and in the glass or, if it’s in season, I like to go and watch my beloved Djurgården play.

Favorite activity/hobby to do?

In the summer I play golf with family and friends and in the winter, I like to go to the mountains to ski. Then I also have a renovation project at home together with my girlfriend, which also takes some time. – I don’t know if it qualifies as a hobby, but it is a “must-do”.


Carl Öster

Sales Executive

"I want our customers to focus on their main business instead of being worried about bad quality pallets and help them save money with no stopped production at the warehouses."