Real sustainability is a matter of good business

Many retailers have a large number of pallets reaching their facilities. With sortation being a necessary step, some choose to employ an external partner or staff for this task. This leads to back-and-forth movements of pallets between facilities and, consequently, an increase in a company’s CO2 footprint.

IVISYS PalletAI keeps you and your employees safe.

Pallet Background – United States With approximately 400 million new wooden pallets produced in the United States every year and around 2 billion in use at any given time in the country, pallets are nearly ubiquitous in retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Pallets have long provided an ideal shipping platform for manufacturers and retailers […]

How PALLETAI makes a difference

IVISYS machine vision solutions merge cutting edge usage of hardware with in-house developed software, clever algorithms, and neural networks (AI).