IVISYS Pallet Inspection System Installed at Niagara Pallet, Automation Leads to Limited Touch Pallet Line

LINK TO THE ARTICLE By Chaille Brindley Date Posted: 3/1/2024 A New Vision for Recycling: Ontario pallet recycler wants to do everything differently by automating pallet inspection, conveyance, tear down and much more. It is spending millions on state-of-the-art equipment to create the “perfect” recycling plant process. SMITHVILLE, Ontario – Creating the perfect pallet recycling […]

Vision to Innovation

We are proud to announce that iGPS Logistics, the leader in plastic pallet pooling and provider of innovative supply chain solutions, has partnered with IVISYS and Alliance Automation, LLC, to implement a new automated pallet inspection system, PALLETAI. The PALLETAI is an innovative solution that enables iGPS to enter in a new era of automation […]

IVISYS partners with Alliance Automation

IVISYS partners with Alliance Automation We are happy to announce that IVISYS partners with Alliance Automation, LLC. Alliance Automation, LLC is an Ohio based system integrator that design and develop turnkey solutions that enable customers to build their products.  The same scanning and inspection system that has made it easier to manage pallet quality for […]