Introducing Ryan, Sales Manager, US

What do you do at IVISYS? My title is US Sales Manager. My day-to-day tasks are helping American businesses to solve their problems. I do this by speaking with companies and highlighting how IVISYS can help them achieve their key goals. As the first American-based employee for IVISYS, my job is to expand our footprint […]

Meet Kai Himanen – Image Acquisition Expert

Solving machine vision tasks to create magic Kai works as an image acquisition expert at IVISYS which means he brings machine vision parts together in PALLETAI. His specialty is using what camera to be used and what lens can capture the pallet quality. Kai has been working with a vision for 17 years. He is […]

Meet Carl Öster – Sales Executive at IVISYS

Every retail company I talk to has pallet-related issues. Carl Öster works as a sales executive in Stockholm. He focuses on the retail industry where warehouse faces a lot of pallet-related issues. He wants his customer to have a smooth logistic flow with no stopped productions at the warehouse. How long you have been working […]

Meet Carl Brandt – Sales Manager EMEA

Every small step forward is becoming an accumulated success Carl started working for IVISYS nearly 2 years ago. He manages the sales team in Gothenburg and along with his team, he is defining the sales process after understanding the customer needs. He wants to help customers by improving productivity in the warehouse, helping them save […]